‘Australian Idol’ Contestant Paulini Facing Possible Jail Time After Allegedly Bribing Government Official

Former Australian Idol contestant Paulini Curuenavuli, who was infamously fat-shamed by that jerk Dicko in the show’s first season back in 2003, could soon be swapping her iconic gold dress for an orange jumpsuit after getting done for allegedly bribing a government official in an attempt to get her hands on a driver’s license.

The 34-year-old singer didn’t score a touchdown with police after allegedly paying a sum of money to a Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) worker in exchange for an unrestricted driver’s licence.

As the ABC reports, Paulini could face up to seven years behind bars if convicted of “corruptly giving a benefit to an agent”, while the 27-year-old female employee who allegedly took her bribe has been turfed from the RMS.

Paulini, who’s currently playing the lead role of Rachel Marron in The Bodyguard musical up in Brisbane, is due to front Mount Druitt Local Court next week.

There’s no word yet if the charges will affect her appearance in the show.

Meanwhile, we’re eagerly awaiting to see if Shannon Noll will weigh in on the whole thing.

In other Australian Idol news, the show’s former host Osher Günsberg (formerly Andrew G) said earlier this year that he’d like to bring the reality show back to life in 2018.

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