Australian Idol Judge Found Dead In Hotel Room

Before you get too excited, it’s not Mark Holden or Kyle Sandilans, it was recent recruit Jay Dee Springbett who was found dead in his hotel room yesterday.

Springbett took over Kyle Sandilands role on the Australian Idol judging panel after controversy over one of Sandilands most tasteless radio segments. If you need your memory jogged it was where he had a 14 year old girl strapped to a lie detector and she admitted being raped at the age of 12, to which Kyle responded with “Right … is that the only experience you’ve had?”.

Concern over Jay Dee Springbett’s welfare was raised by Sony CEO Dennis Handlin after Springbett failed to answer his phone.

“We thought we better let the police know because it’s really not like him and you know they went to his residence and found him,” Handlin said. 

Police said the death was not suspicious.

Originally from the UK, Springbett was Senior Director of A&R at Sony Music and only 36 years old when he passed away, leaving behind two daughters.

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