Axis Of Awesome Debut ‘The Elephant In The Room’ To Answer Your Transition Queries

Musical comedy trio Axis Of Awesome have debuted a brand new song at the Sydney Comedy Festival.

Lee Naimo, Jordan Raskopoulos and Benny Davis took to the stage at Giant Dwarf and opened their show with The Elephant In The Room – a track that light-heartedly addresses most questions people may have about Raskopoulos’ gender transition.

After coming out as transgender in February, Raskopoulos starred in an explanatory video titled ‘What’s Happened to Jordan’s Beard‘. In the video she talked about her struggles with gender dysphoria and hiding her true self.

But if anyone turned up to their show with lingering questions, they were quickly shut down with a pretty damn awesome, no-holds-barred musical number.

Watch: The Axis Of Awesome – The Elephant In The Room

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