Bondi Hipsters, Axis Of Awesome & The Bedroom Philosopher Unleashed To Promote ABC2

ABC2 have recruited some of Australia’s finest musical funny people — the Bondi Hipsters, Axis of Awesome, and The Bedroom Philosopher — to promote the struggling channel and burgeon brand awareness. The artists were given complete creative freedom and told to create two videos each.

ABC2 Controller Stuart Menzies told Mumbrella the artists were given the freedom to decide how they would promote the channel, with the first three videos were launched this week, with the rest to follow next week.

Menzies expressed the importance of honesty in creating the videos, saying “We have all the problems of being a small voice in a crowded marketplace and there’s no point hiding that that” adding that “doing it in the voices of the people we including and letting them loose is actually just fun. If you try to interfere in that process, edit or manipulate it you would actually destroy it.”

The lack of interference from ABC2 has so-far resulted in three very entertaining videos, which include the Bondi Hipsters declaring “ABC2 can suck my dick!” and bemoaning the difficulty of finding the station, rapping “Why the fuck is ABC2 so hard to find?”

The Bedroom Philosopher naturally took a more contemplative route, saying “ABC2, just left everybody kind of confused, so is that just like repeats of ABC shows or does it have its own thing?” While Axis of Awesome unleash a highly entertaining tirade of profanity and funky beats.

Readers can watch the 60-second shorts for themselves below, which Menzies stated were created to appeal to the intelligence of audiences, saying “We align ourselves with content and we hope to get the people to talk to each other about it so we grown our brand through content.”

(Via Mumbrella)

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