Band Continues On With Set Unaware That Their Drummer Had Died On Stage

During a performance at a venue in Uba (four hours north of Rio, apparently) LA-based band Generation Esmeralda continued on with their set as scheduled unaware that their drummer, halfway through a song, had suffered a fatal heart attack.

Sticks man Brad Parker was mid-fill when he slumped forward onto the kit, before falling to the ground. After a brief scan of the stage to find out what just happened, his band members saw no immediate reason to stop and, unaware that Parker had just died, continued on with their show.

Moments later, having heard nothing but silence from where the drums should be coming from, the crew cottoned on and rushed to his aid. They were unable to revive him. Now, this is 2012, so of course the whole thing was caught on film (Via Alan Cross’s Blog). You can check out the video below, but a little bit of a heads-up, if you’ve never seen video footage of someone dying before…you’re about to.

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