Big Day Out 2012 Ticket Sales The Worst In Years

The final numbers are in for the total ticket sales for the Big Day Out in 2012 and there has almost been a 50% drop in sales from previous years. According to Fasterlouder, the festival only sold 173,000 tickets in total for their 20th anniversary; this is a massive decline from previous years. In 2010, the Big Day Out Festival sold 337,000 tickets and in 2011 300,000 people went through the gates.

Yesterday, only 12,000 punters turned out to the Big Day Out in Perth, which followed on from poor crowds in Adelaide on Friday.

Big Day Out CEO Adam Zammit said the organisers got a ‘smack on the bum’ for removing Kanye from the Perth line-up:

We took away one of our headline acts and we got a smack on the bum from the Perth punters

Late last year, The Big Day Out promoters announced a partnership with C3, the guys behind the Lollapalooza Festival.

Big Day Out attendance numbers


2012 – 20,000

2011 – 40,000

Gold Coast

2012 – 40,000+

2011 – 50,000 (Sold Out)


2012 – 47,000

2011 – 55,000 + a second day with 19,000 tickets sold before the ‘bring a friend’ offer


2012 – 42,000

2011 – 52,000 (Sold Out)


2012 – 12,000

2011 – 30,000+


2012 – 12,000

2011 – 35,000

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