Blink 182 Announce New Album

There’s no title or release date, but the first glimmer of a new record from pop punk trio Blink 182 looks to be under way after guitarist and co-vocalist Tom DeLonge posted a pic on Instagram of a studio with a caption attached that reads, “Anyone interested in new Blink-182 music? How about the album of our career? 10-9-8-7…”

It’s been just over a year since Blink’s sixth studio album Neighbourhoods, the first from the band since their reformation. Now they seem to be one of the main drawcards at Soundwave 2013 and already have their sights set on a seventh studio release. In a recent interview with Rhythm Magazine, drummer Travis Barker explained the problems and pressures on Blink’s last record and his hopes for the yet-to-be titled new LP.

“We had seven years off and the last album I think was us barely getting back into the rhythm, recording an album because it was expected of us and we’d gotten back together and everyone wanted to hear new music,” Barker explained.

“I feel like the best is yet to come, the next album is going to be exciting. For the most part the last album was recorded in different studios, we weren’t always in the same room. We made it happen and it was the best it could be at the time with us three. I think in the future it can be crazy.”

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