Boiler Room Vows To Deal With “Vile Cowardly Dickheads” Writing Misogynistic Comments

Electronic music live streaming outlet Boiler Room have pledged to hire people to remove “trash comments” after people dumped misogynistic comments on a stream of a female DJ.

Scottish producer Nightwave was playing in Paris and being live-streamed all around the world and while she nailed it, she was still victim to sexist comments in the chat section.

She took to Twitter following the set to call out these people saying, “Good to see all the experts in the Boiler Room chat! Thanks! Come clean my flat sometime.”

“All the haters were #Brexit and shop at Fat Face and Desigual,” she further said in a string of sassy, brilliant responses where she also clarified that she’s “not [a] female DJ just DJ”.

Her tweets prompted Boiler Room to respond with a wider statement about all “misogyny / transphobia / racism / anything else personal,” written in their chat room or comments section.

“We can’t exist without the internet & (sadly) the internet can’t seem to exist without vile cowardly dickheads, but we’re moving quickly to address this” they wrote.

While they admit they “can’t control the whole internet 24/7,” they have promised to hire people to “shut down the abuse”.

They also ran a poll on Twitter asking why people feel the need to trash talk about female DJs. “Just kind of a loser? idk,” is winning with an overwhelming majority.

Gabriel Szatan, host and programmer at Boiler Room, further spoke to FACTmag saying, “As the biggest live streaming company in the underground that should stand [up] for its liberal values, we know now that it’s our responsibility to lead the field.”

Since, Nightwave has called out one of the responses, posting the man’s picture on Twitter and saying, “mans mad at me coz hes got a dracula hairline and Enrique shirt”.

Read all of Boiler Room and Nightwave’s tweets below. You can also watch part of Nightwave’s Boiler Room set here.

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