Bruce Springsteen Australian Tour For Easter Looking Likely

OK, OK… I know what you’re thinking: more Bruce Springsteen rumours! But, this one has serious credibility. Ex-Painters and Dockers vocalist Paul Stewart has confirmed via Twitter that The Boss himself will be in town very soon.

Stewart, who seems very confident in his announcement, has stated that promotions juggernaut Michael Gudinski will be presenting the tour and that Springsteen will be performing two shows at Hanging Rock in Victoria come Easter 2013.

For some time now, rumours have been going around like the flu regarding an Australian Bruce Springsteen tour. The often wise, often not, Nui Te Koha threw his two cents into the mix, suggesting March 2013 dates, so he could have got it this time.

Springsteen released his latest album Wrecking Ball back in March and has been touring in support of that. Australia is sure to be included on the itinerary for the international leg of the tour, and it’s looking as though it’s almost ready to be announced. Hang tight!

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