Cancelled Maitreya Festival Say They’re Not Issuing Refunds

Regional Victoria’s Maitreya Festival was forced to cancel its 10th anniversary edition this year.

The ill-fated bush doof was originally touted to go ahead at a new location after the local council rejected its original permit application, but finally bit the bullet and called it off after authorities urged punters not to attend.

Now, after over a month of uncertainty as to whether those still holding tickets would be able to access a refund, Maitreya have announced via their Facebook page that they will not be giving any further refunds. “Unfortunately we are unable to make any more refunds for tickets purchased for the 2016 event,” reads the post.

Festival organisers also apologised for those negatively impacted as a result of the festival not going ahead. “We cant in any number of words express to you the ins and outs of the rabbit hole that the event ended in this year…. We are very sorry to those who were negatively impacted by the finality, from the patrons, to market stall holders, performers, artists, and the local community of Charlton. There were no winners out of this, and hopefully from this realisation we can move on.”

The post also indicated that ticketholders will be given access to a special event on AFL Grand Final long weekend, kicking off on Friday, 30th September at Lake Wooronook.

Few were satisfied by the post, although these two pretty much summed up the general sentiment pretty well.

Those seeking more information about refunds can contact Consumer Affairs Victoria on 1300 558 181.

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