Cardi B Apparently Only Just Realised Donald Glover & Childish Gambino Are The Same Person

Cardi B has been left, as the kids would say, shook, by the mind-blowing revelation that actor Donald Glover and musician Childish Gambino are, in fact, one and the same.

Taking to Twitter, the rap kween inadvertently revealed her n00b status by remarking on the astonishingly close physical resemblance between the pair, only to have her eyes awkwardly opened at the hands of an incredibly amused internet.

She’s since binned the embarro tweet, but not before fans grabbed mass screenshots to retweet to their hearts’ content.

But from her follow-up tweet, it seems like Cardi — much like a naive Gothamite suddenly discovering that billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne is actually The Batman — is still having trouble coming to terms with the startling new information.

Look, you can’t really blame her though. When you consider that Glover is multi-tasking the production of Grammy Award-winning tunes, culturally significant music videos and all-star collaborations with other artists while teasing mysterious new musical projects and expanding his own music festival to NZ, all while simultaneously starring in Hollywood blockbusters Solo: A Star Wars Story and the live action Lion King remake while writing, directing and starring in his Atlanta TV series, all off the back of a successful comedy career, it definitely doesn’t sound like the work of just one man!

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