Christina Aguilera Covered Whitney Houston At The AMAs & P!nk’s Reaction Is Everything

The American Music Awards have just unfolded in the US, and one of the most tweeted-about moments of the night was Christina Aguilera‘s tribute to Whitney Houston.

Xtina belted out Whitney’s famous 1992 Bodyguard ballad ‘I Will Always Love You’ as part of a medley honouring the legendary soul diva, showing off some of her trademark vocal gymnastics in the process.

The song (which must surely be top the list of most-butchered at karaoke bars globally) was always in safe hands with the titanic-voiced Aguilera, although the internet is questioning whether her old arch nemesis P!nk thought so.

The camera cut to the so-what-I’m-still-a-rockstar popstar after Aguilera hit a slightly dodgy note, and her facial reaction has people, uh, shook.

Here it is in context:

Now, many have registered P!nk’s brow-furrowing wince in Christina’s general direction as shade-powered disgust, but others have interpreted it as deep concentration and rapturous astonishment.

Although the ‘What About Us’ singer has been quick to call BS on speculation that she did anything but adore her old ‘Lady Marmalade’ pal’s performance, claiming it actually moved her to tears:

Meanwhile, other “negative Nancys” of cyberspace have been distracted from the musical side of things by Aguilera’s physical appearance, expressing shock at her sudden resemblance to a certain Aussie rapper…

Yas people, the weather forecast on the internet today has been cloudy due to maximum SHADE.

Watch a clip of Christina Aguilera’s AMA’s Whitney Houston tribute below, and you can also catch P!nk (who also performed during today’s ceremony) live when she heads to Australia for a monster tour in 2018.

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