Coheed And Cambria Bassist Arrested For Robbery (Before Going On Stage)

The bassist for the band Coheed and Cambria, Michael Todd, was arrested not long before going on stage to play a support show for Soundgarden on Sunday.

According to TMZ, Todd held up a Walgreen’s Pharmacy in Attleboro, MA. He handed the pharmacist a cell phone with a note that claimed he had a bomb. He then took 6 bottles of Oxycontin (an addictive pain killer), and fled via a taxi. Police were able to track the cab with information for the taxi company, and confirmed his identity from the Pharmacies surveillance camera.

Because he was due to play a show in the nearby suburb of Mansfield, Attleboro police were able to contact Mansfield police and intercept him on arrival at the Comcast Centre, where the band were ready and set up to go on stage.

Coheed and Cambria have posted a statement on their website saying that they “are surprised, to say the least, and will address the situation with Michael after the tour.” Wes Styles will take over bass duties for the rest of the tour.

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