Coheed and Cambria Cancel Upcoming Tour Dates For Drummer To Undergo Heart Surgery

UPDATE 18/11/2019: The Butterfly Effect Have Joined This Year’s Good Things Lineup

Prog rockers Coheed and Cambria have announced they will be cutting short their remaining tour dates for the year while drummer Josh Eppard prepares to undergo heart surgery.

Eppard fainted at the band’s show in Orlando over the weekend, and his doctors have since advised he undergo a procedure which will close an “extra pathway” to the drummer’s heart, which has been causing an irregular heartbeat.

The canceled dates include the band’s planned trip to Australia in December for Good Things Festival.

“As some of you may have heard, our fantastic drummer, Josh Eppard had a fainting spell on stage early in our set Saturday night in Orlando. After a visit from the paramedics, he insisted on coming back out to finish the show – which was extremely courageous – but even with the amount of awe we felt, everyone was very concerned,” commented the band in a statement on social media over the weekend.

“Upon his return home, Josh’s doctors advised him to undergo a procedure called a ‘cardiac ablation’ in the coming weeks. This procedure will close an ‘extra pathway’ to Josh’s heart, which has been causing an irregular heartbeat for some time, and is believed to be responsible for the occurrence in FL.

“Due to the necessity of this procedure, Coheed and Cambria will be canceling the rest of our 2019 dates to let Josh get back to full health, so that we can make sure there will be a World for Tomorrow. We apologize from the bottom of our hearts to fans in the Midwest and those in Australia, as well as the organizers of these shows.

We feel strongly that an abundance of caution is the best move for Josh and for the band at this time. Let there be no confusion, we will be back bigger and stronger in 2020, and are already planning big announcements on the horizon.”

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