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Coheed And Cambria Fans Describe Racist Abuse At Band’s Arizona Show

Post hardcore prog rockers Coheed and Cambria have released a statement instructing those with racist beliefs to never attend their shows.

The statement surfaced in response to the testimony of two fans – both Black women – who attended Coheed and Cambria’s show in Tuscon, Arizona, over the weekend.

One of these women, Sabrina, put out a series of tweets detailing the experiences of herself and her friend, Sabine, during Coheed’s show at the Rialto Theatre on Sunday, 20th February.

“We have never attended a [Coheed show] where sitting was the norm,” Sabrina wrote. She said that she and Sabine stood up to “greet the band” as they walked on stage, but were asked by other fans to sit down. After “politely” answering no, they were “pulled out of the concert by security saying ‘get your shit and get the fuck out’.”

They were allowed back in after two songs, but the situation worsened. “We were the only Black people and Black women in our section and were not protected from enjoying a show,” wrote Sabrina. “Whyte men repeatedly yelled obscene words to us.”

They soon left the venue. “In fear of safety, we left the show early knowing we would not be supported by @TheRialtoTucson.”

Coheed and Cambria singer and primary songwriter Claudio Sanchez apologised to Sabrina and Sabine. He also wrote, “To anyone reading this, if racism is your ideology, [then] Coheed—its songs and our culture—should not resonate with you.”

Sanchez went on, “What we’ve created and who we are is absolutely contrary to an exclusionary belief system and this kind of behavior won’t be tolerated on any level, any day.”

He concluded, “If you’re not making others feel welcome, loved, appreciated and respected in this family, do us all a favor—do not attend our shows.”

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