That Daniel Johns & Luke Steele Collab You’ve Been Waiting For Is “Coming Soon”

Aussie music icons Daniel Johns and Luke Steele have been teasing us with talk of a collaboration for almost a decade now, with squat in the way of payoff.

Our balls are officially bluer than Steele’s Empire Of The Sun gettup.


But some sweet relief may finally be on the horizon!

Although before we get to that, here’s a brief history lesson:

The pair’s musical bromance began back in 2008 when they launched a new side-project dubbed “Hathaway And Palmer” and began recording at Johns’ home studio in Newcastle. Sadly, the recordings from those sessions have never seen the light of day.

Then, in 2013, we were told that the pair had begun recording an entire album together. At the time, Steele drew sonic comparisons to artists such as Talking Heads and The Clash, while explaining that the fruits of their collab were also “inspired by African music”. It all sounded very exciting, but it’s now 3-years on and we’ve still got Bo-Diddley.

But that could be about to change, if a new Instagram post from Daniel Johns is to be believed.

The former Silverchair frontman has posted an image of the lifelong pals together on his official Insty, alongside the caption “Early DREAMS cumin soon”.

So is “Early DREAMS” the name of their new project? Or possibly a new collaborative song, or album even?

Unfortunately that’s all the info we have to go on so far. But DJ says it’s cumin soon, so hopefully that means it’s cumin bloody well soon.

We’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, catch Dan’s Insty post below, alongside a video of Steele chatting about the collab from back in 2013.

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