Did Gorillaz Just Tease The Release Date Of New Music?

As if we needed any more teasing ahead of the next Gorillaz album, the animated group might have just teased the world with a date on which we might get some new material.

The new Gorillaz album has been touted for a 2017 release, but the band yesterday teased that a big announcement is “coming soon”, and now new info has come from an OkCupid profile created for Gorillaz guitarist and keyboard player, Noodle.

A bunch of Reddit users have pointed out the profile’s existence, which lists Noodle as 26 years old, queer, and looking for people aged 18-99. The account is also linked to the Gorillaz Instagram account.

They key information here, though, is in Noodle’s profile summary, which reads: “Ready? 12:11. xx DA.”

DA could obviously stand for Gorillaz mastermind Damon Albarn, but there’s been plenty of speculation on what the numbers mean, with various Redditors suggesting that it could mean new music on the 12th of November.

Others have pointed out that 12 and 11 added together makes 23, which is a number that often shows up in Gorillaz artwork, and the band’s vocalist 2D was also ‘born’ on 23rd May.

Here’s a page of theory into why 23 is significant in the Gorillaz universe, if you’re so inclined.

Check out a screenshot of the OkCupid profile in question, below.

Noodle has a OKCupid account linked to her Instagram, with something interesting on it… from gorillaz

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