Drowning Pool Invite The 82 Year-Old Screaming Man To Jump Up On Stage With Them

The 82 year-old who screamed his way through Drowning Pool‘s metal anthem Bodies on America’s Got Talent is the internet’s favourite person right now and it also seems the band are fans as well.

John Hetlinger shocked all the judges away with his impressive screeching, including Simon Cowell, but Drowning Pool themselves were always going to be the definitive judges and he’s got a thumbs up from them.

“Shout out to the 82 year old dude that sang ‘Bodies’ on America’s Got Talent. You are welcome to join us on stage anytime,” Drowning Pool wrote on their Facebook page.

They also spread compliments through the comments writing, “We think it’s badass! Way to go John.”

In something completely unrelated, someone commented that they should do a collaboration with Slipknot and the band agreed. “Call up Corey,” they wrote.

Maybe, we could get Drowning Pool, Slipknot and John all sharing a stage together. Wouldn’t that be something?

Drowning Pool are heading to Australia next month for their first ever tour here. No word yet on whether John will be joining them but it would be an excellent idea.

Watch: John Hetlinger: 82-Year-Old Singer Shocks the Room with Hard Rock Cover – America’s Got Talent 2016

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