Drum Media and SPA parody The Swag aka The Brag

Last week Sydney street press The Brag Magazine changed their name to The Swag as a nod to Sydney’s Vivid Festival and the most talked about band at the moment, Odd Future. The hip hop collective, also known as OFWGKTA, tweet under the name The Swag.

“In a unique marketing masterstroke, Sydney street press magazine The Brag are celebrating cover stars, internet icons Odd Future, by changing their name for one week only.”link

The excerpt above is taken from an article posted by The Music Network. Street Press Australia have had a dig at both The Brag and The Music Network by publishing their own press release, nearly word for word to the Music Network article.

“In a unique marketing masterstroke, Sydney street press magazine The Drum Media are celebrating their 1062nd issue by retaining the name The Drum Media for this week and the foreseeable future.”link

It’s not the first time SPA have had a dig at another music media outlet, they openly accused triple j mag of falsely claiming an interview was exclusive.

It makes us wonder why SPA is trying to start an NME style rivalry with The Brag. Is it the pressure of being part of the dying industry of print media in the new world of the 24 hour news cycle?

Considering the hype around the sold out Odd Future Vivid Festival shows, and the obvious rhyming, the name change itself wasn’t a bad idea, but the timing was maybe a little unfortunate. P.Diddy also announced last week that he was changing his name to Swag for one week in honour of his comeback from… the flu. Watching P.Diddy’s video post below also makes us wonder whether he’s in on some sort of Swag joke.


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