Drum Media, Inpress & Time Off To Be Rebranded

If you’re a fan of your local, iconic street press, better grab yourself a copy and put it in the time capsule now because Sydney and Perth’s The Drum Media, Melbourne’s Inpress and Brisbane’s Time Off are being scrapped and grouped together under a single masthead.

Each state will still be publishing its own edition with local content, but all will lose their names and are set to be branded as The Music. Publishers Street Press Australia today announced that the The Music will no longer be a newspaper, but rather a glossy magazine-style publication. SPA director Craig Treweek said that the change stems from the readership being hungry for change:

“The rebranding of our current titles under a single national masthead allows SPA to extend our unique take on music to areas like travel, food, art, opinion and culture whilst retaining a local focus in each state. There will be change, but support for grass roots and local content is in our DNA.”

Treweek has said that this will be the largest change to free street press since SPA launched the first national network in 2006. The Drum Media, Inpress and Time Off will be disappearing from your local record store, cafe and music venues from Monday, 14th August, so go snatch up a copy and get it laminated for the grandkids.

(Via TheMusic)

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