Dune Rats Announce New Album, Drop Dank Interactive Vid For ‘Scott Green’

Bonglords Dune Rats just dropped a news nuke in the form of the official announcement of their forthcoming new album The Kids Will Know It’s Bullshit, which will be smoking up your stereos from Friday, 3rd February 2017.

To celebrate, the Dunies have served up the visuals for their latest ode to sweet jazz cabbage, Scott Green, but this ain’t your garden variety music video. This is some extra-dank scientifically modified shit, which takes the viewer on a ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ style journey.

The aim of the interactive film clip is to help the band solve the mystery of ‘Who’s Scott Green?’ (‘sif you didn’t already know), with director Mac De Souza explaining:

“The concept is the band are heading to a house party, and have their stash of weed stolen off them out the front by our ‘Scott Green’ character who runs into the house. The chase for Scott Green begins and they search for him high and low throughout this fantasy-like house party with 4 different themed rooms based on drugs you’d see at a typical Aussie house party (weed room, ecstasy room, cocaine room and LSD room).

“The viewer gets to choose which door they go in, and each room provides a ‘clue’ to where Scott Green might be hiding in a Where’s Wally-like game adventure.”

So maybe watch this one away from mum then, ay?

Dunies’ BC Michaels adds, “Had a fucking blast making this clip, we jumped straight off the plane from Europe, filmed for three days straight and then got on a plane to the states. Stoked with how it turned out and everyone who put in effort! Good shit legends.”

Good shit indeed.

Play the interactive music video right here or else stream the straight-up broadcast version below.

Meanwhile, the Dune Platoon’s new 11-tracker — which also comes packing their other feel-good hit of 2016, Bullshit — was produced by FIDLAR’S Zac Carper and recorded at Head Gap Studios in Melbourne. You can pre-order the fucker RN in digital, CD and vinyl format.

Catch the full track listing, below.

Watch: Dune Rats – ‘Scott Green’

‘The Kids Will Know It’s Bullshit’ Track Listing

1.    Don’t Talk

2.    6 Pack

3.    Demolition Derby

4.    Braindead

5.    Scott Green

6.    Never Gonna Get High

7.    Like Before

8.    Counting Sheep

9.    Buzz-kill

10.  Mary

11.  Bullshit

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