Eddie Vedder & Neil Finn Throw Their Arms Around Hunters & Collectors Tribute Album

Mushroom have been teasing an upcoming compilation album featuring Matt Corby, Missy Higgins and a fresh remix from The Avalanches this week and today that news just got even bigger – the album is a tribute to Aussie rock legends Hunters & Collectors.

Crucible – The Songs Of Hunters & Collectors will see acts like Birds Of Tokyo, Eddie Vedder, Neil Finn, Paul Kelly and Cloud Control give us their take on classic tracks like Holy Grail, Throw Your Arms Around Me and When The River Runs Dry.

The album is a labour of love for A&R exec John O’Donnell, who’s been piecing it together over the last 18 months, saying, “It has been an exhilarating journey of reinvention and rediscovery.”

The Hunnas were surely one of the biggest Australian rock bands of the ’80s, with the Mark Seymour-fronted outfit releasing nine studio albums and three live albums in a career spanning two decades before they broke up in 1998.

Seymour himself is all for the project, saying it’s deeply rewarding for him as a songwriter. “I am honoured by the respect they have shown. Songs are what we share, and sharing itself is crucial to our identity as a people.”

Crucible – The Songs Of Hunters & Collectors will feature 15 covers alongside 15 original tracks from the band. The album is released on Friday, 27th September and can be preordered now.

Crucible – The Songs Of Hunters & Collectors

1. Birds of Tokyo – Talking to a Stranger

2. Eddie Vedder & Neil Finn – Throw Your Arms Around Me

3. Matt Corby & Missy Higgins – This Morning

4. Oh Mercy – The Slab (Betty’s Worry)

5. Alpine – Hear No Evil

6. The Living End – Say Goodbye

7. Paul Kelly & Emma Donovan (featuring Jimblah) – True Tears of Joy

8. The Rubens – Holy Grail

9. Husky – Blind Eye

10. Something For Kate – When the River Runs Dry

11. The Panics – Alligator Engine

12. Abbe May – Dog

13. British India – Do You See What I See?

14. Cloud Control – Still Hanging ‘Round

15. The Avalanches – Stalking to a Stranger (Planets Collide Remix)

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