Emmure Vocalist Collapses On Stage Following Electric Shock

There have been far too many reminders of the importance of legit OH&S at live music venues recently. The latest example of why you should always triple-check your wiring comes after Emmure vocalist Frankie Palmeri collapsed mid-set after receiving an electric shock.

The show was taking place in Moscow, which makes a lot of sense and was cut short after the incident. A member in the audience happened to be filming at the exact moment. The below footage is pretty damn creepy. According to Palmeri, who has been active on Twitter ever sense, (so we guess he made it out alive) he was hit by 200 volts. He also explains the Tour Manager for another act on the bill was zapped earlier in the evening.

In the footage you can see the vocalists falls very awkwardly, hitting his head on some gear on his way down. A member of the bands crew seems to get either shocked himself, or burned from the heat for getting too close.

The incident is the latest in a long-running trend of shocking safety standards at gigs. New Found Glory’s Chad Gilbert was recently hospitalised after receiving an electric shock from shoddy wiring at Anaheim venue Chain Reaction. The band had been recording their first live album when Gilbert collapsed on stage from the shock leaving the remaining members to finished the show. In true rock star style, he also alleviated fan’s concerns by tweeting from his hospital bed.

Emmure will be in town shortly with The Ghost Inside for the Destroy Music Mini-Festival later this month.

WATCH: Frankie Palmeri Collapses On Stage Following Electric Shock

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