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Image for Empire Of The Sun’s Luke Steele Says His Songs Are Better Than Daft Punk’s

Empire Of The Sun’s Luke Steele Says His Songs Are Better Than Daft Punk’s

Written by Sarah Bella on August 15, 2013

Never one to mind blowing his own trumpet, Empire Of The Sun‘s Luke Steele has hit out at Daft Punk, claiming his outfit’s latest record Ice On The Dune will be around longer than the French duo’s latest offering, Random Access Memories, because the songs are superior.

Steele told NME that the Get Lucky superstars have only shifted more units because of a better marketing campaign:

“I was aware that Daft Punk were getting more press coverage than our record, but I wasn’t too concerned. ‘Ice On The Dune’ is filled with such great songs that it’ll hang around a lot longer than some of those other records that came out around the same time. They had a great marketing campaign, but we’ve got better songs.”

Ice On The Dune hit stores in June following Random Access Memories‘ May release and a follow-up record might not be too far off, with Steele saying that bandmate Nick Littlemore is busy at work on album number three:

“Nick’s doing a lot of work for the next record in the studio while I tour this one. The idea is to combine the two, so that the next record is a bit quicker. The next album will be a prequel. It’s all about when you’re a kid and you’re discovering girls, sherbet, surfing, and getting drunk. It’s those first magical adventures you take.”

Hopefully this one will also contain tracks that are superior to Daft Punk’s. Steele isn’t the first famous face to rag on the electro legends, with Liam Gallagher proclaiming that he “could write Get Lucky in a fucking hour” back in May, which begs the question, “Well, why the hell didn’t he?”

(via NME)

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