Fan Who Was Kicked Off Stage By The Story So Far Speaks Out, As Other Artists Condemn Band

Hardcore rock band The Story So Far came under scrutiny yesterday after footage emerged of them fly-kicking a fan off stage after she tried to take a selfie.

The band has since been banned from the Toronto club they were playing in and venue manager Jorge Dias called frontman Parker Cannon’s actions a “cowardly act”.

Now a girl who alleges to be the one booted off stage by Cannon has spoken out about the incident and she says it was “all in good fun”.

Becca Illic has commented on the video of the event on Facebook, saying that the comment can be taken as her “official statement”. She notes that she was drunk and admits that she was trying to take a Snapchat but was probably up there longer than she should’ve been.

“I was drunk and my phone wasn’t working properly to load the app, so I stood up there longer than I had anticipated,” she wrote.

“As expected at all hardcore shows, Parker was going with the flow and just hyping up the crowd so he kicked me offstage.”

She doesn’t have “any malicious feeling towards the band whatsoever” and says that she wasn’t hurt. She also hopes that it doesn’t change anyone’s opinion of the band although it may be too late for that.

Fellow hardcore and soon to be disbanded band Funeral For A Friend have taken to their Facebook to call the behaviour “not acceptable”.

“We’ve always respected the well being of the people that come to our shows regardless if they pop onto stage and take a selfie or dance with us,” they wrote.

“Acting like an asshole and kicking someone because they’re taking a selfie is not acceptable behaviour (regardless of your personal feelings on the matter) and is a shame on this whole scene.”

The Story So Far are yet to issue any statement about the incident. You can read Illic’s full comment below (via Exclaim).

Watch: The Story So Far Kick A Girl Off Stage

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