The Story So Far Frontman Fly-Kicked A Girl Offstage For Taking A Selfie

California punk-rock band The Story So Far has been banned from a Toronto club after frontman Parker Cannon violently fly-kicked a woman off stage at a recent show .

In a fan-captured video, many fans can be seen getting up on stage briefly before crowd-surfing back down into the audience. The woman in question though, stood in stage for around 10 seconds trying to take a selfie with her back to the band before Cannon noticed her, took a run up and performed a violent flying leap kick into her back – knocking her flying back down into the crowd.

The incident occurs around the 30 second mark in the video, below:

The manager of the club Jorge Dias told CBC News Toronto he has since banned the band from he venue. “We are appalled by the actions of the singer, that was a very cowardly act.”

It’s not the first time that Cannon has taken violent action towards a fan taking a selfie. At a gig in Texas he attempted to kick a man back down into the crowd as he was taking a selfie, as can be seen here, from the 12.19 minute mark.

Since this latest incident, The Story So Far are currently described as an ‘anti selfie’ band on Wikipedia,

The incident has caused a mixed response on Twitter, with some backing Cannon’s antics whilst others condemned the violence of his ‘assault’ of the fan.

UPDATE 14/04/16: The fan who alleges to be the one booted off stage by Cannon has spoken out about the incident and she says it was “all in good fun”.

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