Watch NoFX’s Fat Mike Make Amends With The Fan He Kicked In Sydney

How about that time, earlier this week, when NoFX‘s frontman Fat Mike kicked a stage invader right in the mouth? That shit was brutal. Well, Fatty has made amends by inviting said kick-victim, named Alex, to join the band onstage two nights later at Sydney’s Enmore Theatre on Friday, 7th November.

Alex’s initial, uninvited stage rush, during NoFX’s Punk in Drublic classic Linoleum, resulted in a backhand and a busted lip from the NoFX main man. This time, though, Alex waited in the wings until getting the head nod of approval from guitarist El Hefe to enjoy his 15 seconds without fear of reprisal.

Although, as he puts it on Twitter, Alex “fucked up the lyrics to Linoleum“, he still had a great night, with Fat Mike allowing him to lead the sold-out show during the chorus. Alex also got to hang with band and was given a custom memento of his first encounter with Mike, a signed t-shirt with an image capturing the kick (images below).

You can watch Alex join NoFX onstage below. Be sure to watch for another, shirtless fan hop onstage, following Alex’s sing-along, who Mike pretends kick, before getting kissed right on the lips.

Full details on NoFx remaining tour dates here.

UPDATE: 11/11/14 Footage has emerged of Alex getting to revenge kick Fat Mike. The NoFX frontman offered up his shin as way of apology. Although Alex wears a slippper, as opposed to a boot like the one he copped, the results are still satisfying.

Watch: Alex Joins NoFX Onstage – Linoleum @ Enmore Theatre, Sydney 07/11/14

Watch: Fat Mike Kicks Alex in the Face

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