Father John Misty Unveils Merch Almost Identical To Kanye’s

Father John Misty has unveiled a new range of merch and it looks very familiar to Kanye‘s Life Of Pablo merch.

The folk preacher is no stranger to sarcasm and given that his new merch range is called The Life Of Padre it seems it’s no coincidence that it’s similar to Yeezy’s range.

You can buy hats, tees and sweaters from his official website, each featuring font very similar to Cali DeWitt Thornhill’s gothic font that featured on all the Yeezy merch sold in Australia and around the world over the weekend.

It’s not all Kanye-inspired merch up for sale on his website though. He’s also selling rose quartz crystal earrings which have apparently been sourced by Father John himself.

“These earrings are of the highest quality, offered for those with only the most discerning taste,” reads the description.

“Each stone is meticulously cut from recently-acquired rose quartz crystals in Josh Tilman’s private collection.”

All the new merch is special release meaning there are only limited quantities of each. Right now it actually seems like a much better option than buying Yeezy merch from re-sellers on Ebay for exorbitant prices.

Even before this merch, Father John already had an invested interest in Kanye. He was very vocal when Kanye changed the name of his album from Swish to Waves, siding very strongly with the former.

Of course, it ended up being called The Life Of Pablo but as recently as just a few days ago he was still advocating for Swish.

Never change, Father John Misty. Never change.

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