The Field Day Ticket Site Keeps Crashing & Everyone’s Freaking Out

Field Day 2017 is the only place where you’ll have the chance to see both Childish Gambino and Chance The Rapper in one place come January, so you’d hope the festival would have anticipated a “massive number of people” rushing for tickets.

While the festival probably did expect to receive such a huge response, their ticket servers weren’t ready, and punters have been having a field day at the event’s expense, with plenty of meme-y material popping up in Facebook comment sections.

For many users, the festival ticket site crashed just one minute after tickets went on sale at midday today. Predictably, punters have losing their minds at not being able to secure tickets ever since.

In the time since the tickets went on sale, the pressure on the servers seems to have eased a little, with many keen festival-goers able to enter in their details and select the tickets they want, but inevitably the site has crashed for a number of people as they were midway through the purchasing process.

Organisers have responded with a Facebook post of their own, saying, “Hey everyone, huge apologies for the delays – the ticketing system is massively overloaded with a massive number of people trying to buy. Keep trying and you’ll get through.”

Catch some of the best reactions to failed attempts at buying tickets to Field Day 2017 below, alongside the event’s official statement.

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