Flume Thrown Into Pole By Bouncer At Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs Show

It appears that one of the most looked-forward-to shows to take place in Sydney in a long time has ended with a bit of a sour note. Sydney-based DJ/producer Flume, who appeared on the bill as main support for TEED, was apparently thrown into a metal post by venue security at Sydney’s Oxford Art Factory after a crowd-surfing stint went wrong.

From what you can make out of the posts and tweets currently streaming through Flume’s socials from concerned fans, the producer took a pretty solid blow. Flume himself has tweeted that he’s not feeling too crash hot today and is currently being checked out by a doctor.

Music Feeds reporter Andrew Nock was there at the gig last night. Nocky was quick to shoot through a play-by-play, describing the ordeal as “crazy. Flume got lifted up on top of the mosh and crowd surfed, and when everyone realised it was him, they cheered. He then got on stage and raised his arms, then the bouncer grabbed him from the side and flung him into a post in an attempt to get him off the stage. It was definitely a ‘dude I’m a DJ/do you know who I am’ moment.”‘

Flume has been the talk of the town over the past 12 months. The rising star has become a crowd favourite on the festival circuits as well as club shows, having just released his freshest studio effort.

We will keep you posted on this one; check in soon for an update.

Watch Footage of the incident below


Update 16:35pm: Flume is ok!

Flume has just issued the following statement

Hey All

Just wanted to let you know im fine after last nights run in with security at the Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs show. Nothings broken thanks god, i just tore some muscle in my shoulder and had a near escape with a burst eardrum, thank god for musicians earplugs

I’ll see you all at Parklife with a belly full of pain killers!!

And just to clarify, no ill will towards the security guard or Oxford Art Factory. Just awkward/unfortunate there was a metal pylon right there

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