PSY Booed By Entire Stadium During Italian Cup Final Half Time

K-Pop icon PSY has been left visibly embarrassed after an entire stadium full of football fans began to boo during his performance at the Italian Cup Final half time. The booing was so loud, that organisers turned up the volume of his music in an attempt to drown it out, but that only makes it more cringeworthy.

Roma and Lazio might be fierce rivals on the field but they banded together against the singer, who despite telling the crowd ‘I love Italy’ probably doesn’t love it at all. There have been claims that the response was of a racist nature given that both sides have been criticised for racist chanting this season. PSY continued his performance undeterred, bar looking a little bit uncomfortable.

As it turns out, this isn’t the sort of crowd you want to piss off. Police confiscated large caches of weapons hidden outside the stadium prior to the game.

WATCH: PSY booed by football fans during Italian Cup Final half time show.

(Via Sports Live

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