Nicole Richie Might Be Dropping A Rap Album On Environmentalism

Nicole Richie has revealed she’s currently making an “iconic rap album” about how she’s not using plastic. In an interview with The Zoe Report, she shared how passionate she is about saving the environment, and of course the bees.

“The tea is that they’re going to fucking die. We can’t be here without them,” she said on the bee colony collapse, before explaining the vital role bees play in our eco-system.

So, she’s making a rap album about it. Once known as Nikki Rich back in 2013, the part-time rapper then released a song about gluten-free pasta, fresh bangs, and dairy-free ice cream. She soon changed her name to an even better, Nikki Fre$h.

Under the new rapper alias, Nikki Fre$h scored her own show on Quibi late last year. It’s a comedy series on her rapper alter-ego and is overseen by her husband Joel Madden.

In this new interview she revealed, “I’m making an iconic rap album right now about how I’m not using plastic. Do I use plastic sometimes? Yes, I do. I really try not to. Got the old tea cup.”

“But it’s the effort. It’s just being aware.”

Enjoy this clip of Nicole Richie kicking off her rap career.

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