Green Day Haven’t Ruled Out Doing Another Surprise Aussie Pub Show This Year

It’s T-minus three weeks and counting til Green Day come around, and the Aussie leg of their new album tour is already shaping up to be a boulevard of ~fulfilled~ dreams.

As well as playing a bunch of the biggest tunes off their politically-charged brand spanker Revolution Radio, the legendary trio have also promised to dig deep into their back catalogue to give every punk and punkette in their multi-generational fanbase plenty to cheer about.

But that’s not all; chatting with Music Feeds, bassist Mike Dirnt says he wouldn’t rule out any extra-curricular hijinks during the band’s visit down under, which Sydney fans will remember is exactly what went down the last time Green Day came to town.

“When we were in Australia last time, we were in Sydney and there was a band playing and we [asked] if we could borrow their equipment — or just borrow their backline gear — and just jumped in on their gig and they were very gracious about it,” Dirnt says about that memorable night at Paddington’s Captain Cook Hotel in 2014.

“And we just jumped up and played for like an hour or so and it really just kinda got the buzz out. You know, got us primed for the bigger shows.”

And could something similar happen this time around? You betcha.

“Anything goes with this band. It really does, it’s just a matter of what day of the week and what crazy idea we have going. I will say this: we’re probably more prepared for the big stage right now then we’ve ever been,” the bassist continues.

“…But the thing is when we wanna mix it up, we do. Because there’s no smoke and mirrors to what we do, we grab our instruments and we can jump onstage anywhere.”

As for the band’s planned arena shows themselves, Dirnt says so far Revolution Radio has been their “favourite tour we’ve ever done”, and promises a mind-blowing stage setup that’s “able to go from really intimate to a really vibrant, explosive big rock show” in the blink of an eye. TL;DR: expect plenty of fire.

Bring it onnnnnnnnnn.

Catch photos from Green Day’s last surprise Aussie pub gig below, and stay tuned for our full chat with Mike Dirnt, coming soon.

Gallery: Green Day Surprise Sydney Show 2014 / Photos: Ashley Mar

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