Green Thumbed Fan Plants Marijuana Plant In The Middle Of A Festival Mosh

When you’re in the mosh at a big festival, common courtesy often goes out the window and you generally expect that you’ll be forced to surrender to the will of the masses of bodies around you.

Flosstradamus music mosh pit hdybyz

Most of us have probably even witnessed something fairly untoward; whether it be drug-dealing, or sexual acts that we’d rather not see – all in the name of getting close to that must-see act.

Canada’s Shambhala Music Festival has provided one of the weirdest fan videos ever, with The Festive Owl uploading a fairly blurry, fan-shot clip of some punters with particularly green thumbs doing some unconventional gardening right in the middle of the mosh. The video, shot during G Jones‘ set, shows them taking an entire marijuana plant out of a bag, before casually digging a hole and planting it in the ground.

It would surely have been a symbolic move at best – with the crowd likely stomping out the little guy moments after the video ends.

Check out the shenanigans unfolding below.

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