Gunman Leaves Six Injured At Music Festival In Texas

An unidentified man has opened fire on an arena floor at the Houston Caribbean Festival in Houston, Texas, wounding at least four people. Police say two women were also injured as people rushed to flee the gunman, who opened fire on a crowd of thousands that gathered for the event.

As local outlet KHOU reports, several thousand people gathered at an arena in the 1700 block of Almeda Genoa for a Fourth of July party as part of the Houston Caribbean Festival, which according to Houston Police spokesman Jodi Silva, was supposed to run until around five in the morning.

However, witnesses told police they saw a man open fire at 1:55am on Saturday on the floor of the arena, injuring four men. “Everybody was having a good time, until someone shot a firearm,” Silva said. Festivalgoers reportedly began to panic and flee the venue as soon as the shots were heard.

Two females were injured as people rushed to the exit, but Silva did not know the extent of their injuries. Shooting victims were taken to two different hospitals, with one man in critical condition and not expected to survive. Ages and identities for those injured were not immediately available.

The Caribbean music festival is an annual event that takes place during the holiday week at different venues in the area. This year’s arena is accessible by a small two-lane road, which made it difficult for emergency crews to arrive as thousands of cars and festival attendees attempted to leave.

The organisers of the festival had medical personnel at the arena who gave first aid to the victims, assisted by punters who had medical training, Silva said. So far, no arrests have been made and the Houston Police Department is calling for anyone with any information to come forward.

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