Hear CHVRCHES Turn A 14-Year-Old’s Corny Love Poem Into A Cute Pop Song

Glaswegian trio CHVRCHES have done a beautiful deed, turning the sketches of a dude’s love song (which he wrote when he was 14) into a fully-fledged pop tewwwwn.

When Nat Miller was in high school, he wrote the lyrics to a love song for his then-crush, which he gave to her in a year book. “I was hoping Laurel would hear the song, realise I’m a great guy and her and I would go out and she would be my girlfriend,” Miller says of his song. “I was obsessed with her.”

As special guests on this week’s Mortified podcast CHURCHES became the first act to perform as part of the new segment ‘The Mortified Muse’, where musos try to turn the remnants of teenage love into beautiful, beautiful music.

CHVRCHES’ effort (below) is titled Laurel, and features some slightly cringeworthy lyrics, including the lines, “Look at me, tell me what you see / Laurel, Laurel / Do you see what I feel / Can you tell it’s real? / Laurel, Laurel.”

CHVRCHES will be in Australia for Laneway Festival next year, and also have some sideshows lined up for their trip down under.

Hear the band’s take on Laurel below, “for everyone who didn’t get the girls,” at around 25:00, and try not to cry.

Listen: CHVRCHES – Laurel (At 25:00)

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