Hear Eminem Verbally Sucker-Punch Random Celebrities In Lengthy New Freestyle

Caitlyn Jenner, Bill Cosby, Miley Cyrus, Donald Trump, Alyssa Milano and fast food clown Ronald McDonald have all been pelted with a handful of loosely metrical shade, when the man who staked his fame on being Shady unleashed an unapologetic 8-minute freestyle rap on his radio channel, the aptly titled Shade 45 SiriusXM.

On an episode of the show Sway in the Morning, Eminem guested to lay down the lengthy flow, targeting the random collection of vaguely newsworthy celebrities and corporate mascots for no apparent reason.

“This is a true statement / I see the bitch in you, Caitlyn / I keep the pistol tucked like Bruce Jenner’s dick No disrespect though, not at all / No pun intended, that took a lot of balls,” he sprayed on the subject of Caitlyn Jenner (via Billboard).

While on Cyrus he versed: “You would swear I think highly of Miley / And I respect her, the way I backhand her / Excuse my French, Montana…”

Then on Cosby: “Awful, I made Monopoly off misogyny, sodomy / How many chocolatey Jell-O Pops could he possibly lace? Walkin’ atrocity, no wonder you scoff at me / It’s still obvious I’m as off-putting as Bill Cosby is”.

Until finally: “I’m fucked worse than Donald Trump / On Lexapro in Mexico across from a Texaco in McDonald’s drunk / Broke and out of gas, busted water pump / Getting fondled up by Ronald, feeling him on his rump / Oh yeah, and me and Alyssa Milano hump”.

sick reference

Em’s references are out of control, everyone knows that.

As Pedestrian TV reports, although the whole thing seems a bit random, it was largely staged to promote Jake Gyllenhaal’s new movie Southpaw, of which Shady is the Executive Producer.

“I just say shit to say it,” he says, capping off the flow.

Though the whole thing brings back memories of the rapper’s controversial Shady Records cypher late last year, which pissed off just about everyone, we’re confident that, at the very least, one Boy Wizard-slash- Eminem superfan would approve.

It also follows rumours that Eminem is set to replace Eazy-E in a potential N.W.A reunion tour with Dr. Dre and Ice Cube. However, a spokesperson for Em and Dre has since hosed down that speculation, telling Rolling Stone “the pair have no plans to tour together either solo or with N.W.A.”

Check out the audio of Eminem’s celebrity skull-capping freestyle on Sway in the Morning, below.

Listen: Exclusive Eminem Freestyle On Sway In The Morning

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