Here Is ‘Yeezer’, The Kanye West & Weezer Mashup Album

Ever wondered what a mashup of God-complex rapper Kanye West and LA rockers Weezer would sound like? Neither have we, but the internet has spawned that very thing, and it’s called Yeezer.

As reports, Yeezer, which can be streamed in full below, is the creation of 19-year-old art and technology student Alex Hodowanec from Ohio State University, whose mashup skills are now world famous.

“A couple of summers ago I got into Weezer,” Hodowanec says. “I’m a little bit too young for the first wave of Weezer, but over the years hearing about how old Weezer was really good I listened to some of their older albums and it turned out that it was really good.

“The first song I started working on was the first song on the album, which is Kanye’s song Through The Wire, mixed with Beverly Hills. It was really just a matter of finding songs that had similar feels and tempos from that point on.

“Once that first song clicked, I thought, you might as well just go for nine more, right?”

Right, Kanye?

kanye west smile gif

Yeezer is a mix of songs from various Kanye and Weezer albums, and was nearly completed a few years ago before Hodowanec put it to bed for a while. “I finished [it] up in the last couple of weeks, squeezing it in between college classes,” he says.

Yeezer effortlessly blends Kanye’s Power with Weezer’s Say It Ain’t So on the track (And They) Say It Ain’t So; couples Estelle’s American Boy (feat. Kanye West) with beloved Weezer classic Island In The Sun on American Island; and pairs Yeezy’s The New Workout Plan with Weezer’s Buddy Holly on The Buddy Holly Workout Plan.

Yeezer is a free-to-download ten track album in the vein of Dangermouse’s Grey Album, which famously mashed up Jay-Z with The Beatles. The mashup was uploaded to Bandcamp last week, but was taken down over copyright issues.

Thankfully, Yeezer is available to stream and download in full below, and as its creator says, “All music belongs to that of Kanye West and Weezer. I am just the disciple.”


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