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Hockey Dad Show Cancelled Over Safety Concerns, Following “Structural Issues” At Brisbane Venue Woolly Mammoth

A concert by Aussie rockers Hockey Dad has been cancelled due to safety concerns, after “structural issues” were discovered at Brisbane venue Woolly Mammoth.

Hockey Dad’s Sunday night show at Woolly Mammoth was cancelled mid-set, after the band also performed at the venue on Saturday night (as well as a Sunday under-18s matinee show) as part of their Blend Inn Tour. The reason for the cancellation is reportedly damage sustained by a support beam while people were moshing on the first level of the venue.

“We’ve decided to cancel tonight’s show despite it being certified, due to concerns over patrons’ safety,” venue operators said.

“We won’t risk it if there’s even slightest chance of damage, hence why we’re getting the engineers again tonight, to reinforce the structure, and make it 100 per cent safe going forward.”

Venue staff said they have previously commissioned a structural engineer to certify the venue’s flooring structure, and the certification was allegedly approved.

Woolly Mammoth operators have also said they are “working tirelessly on fixing the issue”, and are hoping Hockey Dad’s Monday night show will be able to go ahead.

“For those who have purchased the ticket to Sunday night’s show, please be aware that we’re still working out an alternative solution (be it a full refund, or a ticket to a different date), and we’ll notify you with the outcome by tomorrow (Monday, Mar 19) 12pm,” they said.

In a statement of their own, Hockey Dad told fans that while the show had been cancelled “due to unforeseen structural issues at the venue”, they were working on a plan B.

“Sorry for the stitch up, it was out of our control,” the band said.

“We love seeing our crowds lose their minds and have heaps of fun at shows, but their safety will forever be our utmost concern,” said drummer Billy Fleming.

“It was psycho that we had to stop the gig only three songs into the set, but I’m so glad that there were no injuries and everyone was safe in the end.”

View photos and video of the damage at the venue, below.

Hockey Dad’s sold-out Blend Inn Tour is scheduled to host a show at the Woolly Mammoth tonight, before heading to Melbourne and Sydney.

UPDATE: A spokesperson for Woolly Mammoth has told Music Feeds that a structural engineer has cleared the venue space for future shows, with Monday night’s Hockey Dad show expected to be moved to a bigger venue.

“The damage, as small as it was, is already getting fixed as of this morning, and will be followed by reinforcing the existing structure to double the prescribed capacity,” they said.

“All future show will go as planned.”

UPDATE: Hockey Dad have now announced that both their Sunday and Monday shows at the Woolly Mammoth have now been rescheduled for “one huge event” at The Tivoli on Monday night, 19th March.

“As a result, there’ll be 500 extra tickets available,” the band say. “Anyone that had a ticket to either of the sold-out shows just needs to bring it tonight for guaranteed entry. We’re so happy we can still make this happen for Brissy, and we hope everyone can make it down… it’s going to be a massive night!

“Details on refunds coming soon, if you can’t attend.”

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