I Killed The Prom Queen Respond To PETA Campaign Backlash

Australian metal core favourites I Killed The Prom Queen have responded to backlash following guitarist Jona Weinhofen’s involvement in an anti-shearing PETA campaign that Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce labelled “a pack of lies”.

The campaign featured an image (below) of Weinhofen, a dedicated vegan, holding what appears to be a bloodied lamb with the statement “here’s the rest of your wool coat”. It later was made apparent that the lamb is a prop and not a real animal.

Reports the ABC, many farmers have expressed their anger at the campaign and Barnaby Joyce says shearers are “sick of people lying about their industry and lying about them”. He also lambasted Weinhofen, who he called a “spiv”.

“If we go to Mr Weinhofen, living in vegan splendour at the moment in California, and take his form of life to its logical extent, well they don’t believe in the wool industry so everyone at this press conference can take off everything that’s made of wool,” Mr Joyce said at a Canberra press conference.

Responding to the criticism, I Killed The Prom Queen said that while they are dedicated to veganism/vegetarianism, they are not “anti-farmer”.

“We know farmers are hard working & often dealing with ongoing financial & emotional hardships, but that doesn’t mean everyone should turn a blind eye to the cruel practices the animals have to cope with during their existence in the livestock industry.”

“Of course this isn’t a product of farmers being vindictive or bad people at all, but merely because the animals involved are considered possessions to turn a profit, with maximum efficiency & minimal-to-no care for the physical or psychological well-being of the creatures, outside of those with an economic impact.”

While commentating that the wool industry may represent “the small end of the cruelty inherent in much of the livestock industry”, the band also go on to explain certain problems with current shearing practices.

“While many have vested economic interests in this argument, we have no shares in tofu, we just feel good about not supporting animal cruelty,” they conclude.

Read the band’s full statement and watch Jona Weinhofen’s PETA video below.

Watch: PETA Australia Video: Jona Weinhofen Shuns Wool

Hi all,Seeing as the new Peta campaign has made it onto mainstream Australian news, is being commented on by government…

Posted by I KILLED THE PROM QUEEN on Monday, 13 April 2015


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