In Hearts Wake’s New Live Video For ‘Skydancer’ Absolutely Shreds

In anticipation of their forthcoming album Skydancer, and corresponding national tour this May, Byron Bay’s post-hardcore renegades In Hearts Wake have released a new live video for the disc’s title track, and holy shitsauce does it shred harder than a furious cheese grater wank sesh.

The clip, which is for the song Skydancer by the way, was filmed at the inaugural Unify Gathering back in January, where the band headlined to a clamouring crowd of 3.5 million.

In Hearts Wake drew fans’ attention to the new clip in a post on their official Facebook page this morning, noting, “Eagle-eyed viewers will notice frontman Jake Taylor stalking the stage like a motherfucking lion, metaphorically ripping the throats out of the supine crowd, who were as powerless as a newborn gazelle in the face of such awesome power. Except in this case, the herd of gazelle had quite literally paid for the privilege of being torn apart by the king of the jungle.”

Weighing in on the performance, Taylor himself added, “Roar.”

In Hearts Wake claim the trailblazing new live offering proves that they as a band continue to “shit in the eyes” of the competition, and to be honest we find it difficult to disagree.

If you thought no Aussie act could be musically dexterous enough to stuff so many red hot steaming shred pellets into a single performance to be mentioned in the same breath as some of the world’s most renowned live acts, such as Creed, then this new clip will probably destabilise your whole outlook on life.

As well as producing one of the best live music videos perhaps of all time, In Hearts Wake are also gearing up for a national tour with special guests We Came As Romans, Beartooth and Storm The Sky.

Tickets are available now.

Watch: In Hearts Wake – Skydancer

Even more impressive than the video itself is the fact that In Hearts Wake had the stones to troll all of their fans (including their biggest fans, Music Feeds) with such a baller April Fools prank. See if you think the new clip measures up to the example set by Creed, below.

Watch: Creed Shreds

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