Interpol Bassist Dave Pajo Has Quit the Band

Interpol Bassist Dave Pajo has left Interpol to spend more time with his family.

The announcement was made on the bands official website stating that:

“Dave Pajo is tagging out, folks.

Dave has decided to step out of the spotlight for a spell, and will no longer be touring with Interpol.

We’re all friends. It’s just an Out-of-the-hotel, Into-the-home sorta thing.

He’s going to be missed to be sure. Aside from being an exceptional musician, Pajo is a wonderful person to be around.”

He’ll be replaced with Brad Truax, who is the second bassist since popular band member Carlos Dengler (or Carlos D as was known at his peak) quit the band in 2010 after recording Interpol’s latest self-titled album.

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