Iron Maiden Round Up Every Eddie Ever For Christmas Card Video

Fans of Iron Maiden rejoice for the heavy metal legends have treated us all to a very special message of unity via metal and drinking in A Christmas Cheers. Rounding up just about every ‘Eddie the Head’ mascot ever to share some Christmas cheer(s), the clip looks back over all the incarnations of the band’s famous mascot.

Maiden’s Book of Souls Eddie, is the first we see to take the screen, although as he is a Mayan warrior, he isn’t really familiar with Christmas. Following a blinking light coming from inside what seems to be the temple of Iron Maiden, he’s soon introduced to the rest of the Eddies who try and get him to put on a Santa costume for what we can only assume is a yearly yuletide meeting of the Eddies, that Book Of Souls‘ Eddie is only just finding out about.

Needless to say, the Mayan warrior heart within him is disgusted by all the festive cheer. The Eddies have a solution to that though, showing off their swag of chrissie pressies.

With a stash of gifts any Iron Maiden fan would love to find under the tree, including some signature Iron Maiden ‘Ed-phone’ headphones and enough Trooper Ale to keep a fan sloshed well into 2016, they manage to get him in the costume, but not before pulling the kind of high-school prank you’d expect from animated zombie men (is that what Eddie The Head is, cos I have never been 100% on that? Is he just hell pale maybe?).

Watch it for yourself here.

Iron Maiden – A Christmas Cheers

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