Joel Madden Butchers Lionel Richie’s ‘Easy’ Performance On The Voice

Lionel Richie has been involved in what will possibly be described as the worst performance ever of his hit track Easy on The Voice grand final tonight. Richie flew to Australia after The Voice producers capitalised on the fact that his daughter (Nicole Richie) and grandchild were in town, and he agreed to sing a rendition of the track with his son-in-law, Joel Madden. While Richie’s vocals sounded great, Madden sang off-key, butchering one of the all-time great songs in front of a massive TV audience.

Richie told the crowd: “If you’re in it for the money, forget about it; if you’re in it for the love of it, you’ll be here forever”. However, one can only assume he was offered a pretty big pay cheque to make the performance happen. who are live blogging the show, said: “If we wanted to hear some punk rock dude sing it we’ve already got Mike Patton.”

Viewers took to twitter to slam Maddens performance:



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