This Korn Fan Just Proposed To His Korn Fan Girlfriend In Front Of Korn

In what’s probably the Korniest marriage proposal of all time, a Korn fan has made an ultimate expression of love for his Korn-loving girlfriend, and he’s done it all in front of them band themselves.

Die-hard Korn fan Derek Dodson has used a meet-and-greet with the nu-metal outfit to surprise his partner Jamie Jones with a ring, and footage of the moment (below) shows it went smoothly. Well, pretty smoothly.

Korn’s Reginald “Fieldy” Arvizu almost killed the surprise by visibly crossing his fingers in front of Ms Jones before Dodson popped the question, but (WARNING: PROPOSAL SPOILERS) the band were pleasantly surprised when Ms Jones said ‘yes’.

The clip also shows Dodson explaining to Korn that while he and his lady didn’t immediately hit it off when they met at a grocery store, Ms Jones remembered his Korn t-shirt when she was later introduced to him by a mutual friend.

Speaking with Metal Hammer, Dodson says he and Ms Jones are both huge Korn fans. “We both have loved Korn since high school and followed them with every new album release since. I’ve seen them in concert five times but Jamie has never seen them so I wanted to make it really special when she did,” he says.

“When I bought this meet-and-greet this past July, I knew I wanted to propose to Jamie in front of them then… Jamie was already starstruck just from meeting the band and when I laid the proposal down, she was really in shock.”

If and when Dodson and his fiancé do get married, they will no doubt be known as “the nu-lyweds”. Watch the video of their Korny proposal below, and brace for their impending nu-uptials (last one, promise).

Watch: Korn Fan Proposes To His Korn Fan Girlfriend In Front Of Korn

Photos: Korn, Rob Zombie – The Big Top, Sydney 24.02.14 / Photos: Liam Cameron

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