L.A Engineer Files Law Suit Against Tommy Lee For Roller Coaster Drum Stunt

Back in mid August, Music Feeds reported that Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee was looking at potential legal repercussions after an LA-based Engineer claimed ownership over the renowned roller coaster drum stunt. Well, word has come through today that Scott King has officially filed his lawsuit.

Giving Lee the benefit of the doubt, King sent through a cease and desist letter actively insisting that Lee discontinues the on-stage stunt, which King stated was knocked off one of his own concepts. Lee failed to make contact and as a result now faces a $400,000 sting over the ordeal. King claims that he contacted Lee back in 1991 to talk about the idea, which Lee shut down on the spot.

Since the get-go, Lee’s legal reps have claimed that King is totally full of it, and that the iconic sticks man didn’t steal and idea. This hasn’t stopped King, who has every intention of seeking remuneration for damages. TMZ originally broke the story after learning about the legal letter sent to Lee’s camp.

In other Crue news, the band will be on their way to Australia very soon with KISS! Hang tight for dates on this one.

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