La Roux Reveals She Earned Basically Peanuts From Spotify Streams

The debate over streaming royalties has been reignited by British singer La Roux who claims she’s earning a pittance for her music being streamed on Spotify.

“Thanks for the £100 for this quarter just gone, one more month and I might be able to afford your premium service. Lucky me,” she tweeted at Spotify.

A fan then replied to her tweet telling her, “blame your record label.”

“I do, trust me. Spotify are the lesser evil but none the less, the situation is laughable,” she retorted.

La Roux joins a long list of musicians who have critiqued the digital platform. Thom Yorke, Björk and Taylor Swift among others have all aired their problems with it citing things from royalties to audio quality.

La Roux’s tweet comes almost a year to the date since she heaped praise on the Swedish streaming service. She told the UK’s Digital Spy that Spotify was “great.”

“What Spotify is great for is going, ‘OK, I don’t know if I’m going to like that’,” she said.

“For instance, I was going to check out the Caribou record the other day, and normally I’ll just buy the whole thing, but then I was like, actually I’ll listen to the whole thing on Spotify and then if I like it, I’ll buy the vinyl.”

In that same interview she noted that she’s made no money from record sales even though she’s sold over 8 million records.

La Roux was last in the country for Falls Festival last new years armed with her 2014 record Trouble In Paradise.

Watch: La Roux – Let Me Down Gently

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