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La Roux Makes Comeback With ‘International Woman Of Leisure’

Just over a month ago, La Roux teased that she was back in the studio after a five-year hiatus. Now, the ‘Bulletproof’ singer has made her return.

She’s dropped her first single since Trouble in Paradise, ‘International Woman of Leisure’. It’s full of La Roux’s unique beats and synth-pop sounds with some serious 80s vibes.

Sharing the news on Facebook, La Roux said, “So happy to finally release international woman of leisure. It’s been a long time coming, I’m very pleased to be back.”

“This one’s not just for the ladies, we can all be an international woman of leisure.”

We’ve received a film clip alongside the single. Matching the intense 80s vibes of the song, the clip kicks off with La Roux in a very 80s car driving through a psychedelic backdrop and is full of colourful jackets and retro TVs.

La Roux has spent the month or so leading up to this release giving us teasers on social media.

There’s still no word on when we’ll be getting a full-length release — but we can’t wait.

La Roux released her debut, self-titled album back in 2009. Five years later we received Trouble in Paradise. Now, five years later, we’ve received the first offering off of a new release.

The English synthpop queen keeps pretty quiet between releases, but she did lend her vocals to Tyler the Creator for his album, Igor.

Listen to and watch the film clip for ‘International Woman of Leisure’ below.

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