La Roux Seems To Be Back In The Studio After A Five Year Break

Can you believe it’s been five years since La Roux gave us Trouble In Paradise? Well, the five year hiatus is over. Or at least, she’s teasing it is.

La Roux tweeted a pic of the back of her head in front of a background that looks like it definitely could be a studio. She captioned the photo, “Back at it..”.

La Roux’s self-titled album in 2009 was huge. ‘Bulletproof’ basically soundtracked the entire year, it was absolutely everywhere.

Then, she changed up her sound and her style a bit and gave us Trouble In Paradise five years later in 2014.

Now, another five years on, she’s had the classic “I’m about to release something” wipeout on her socials and given us the vague-tweet.

She’s also changed her profile picture and cover photo on Facebook and Twitter to matching images.

La Roux has kept pretty quiet between albums, with no singles or performances. Though, she did lend her vocals to Tyler, The Creator on his Igor album.

There’s no word yet of a release date or even a real confirmation… but how exciting.

Have a listen to the 2009 gem, ‘Bulletproof’ below.

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