Lamb Of God Singer’s Manslaughter Trial Verdict Likely To Be Delivered Tomorrow

A decision in the manslaughter trial of Lamb Of God frontman Randy Blythe could be made as early as tomorrow, according to the judge presiding over the case. Reports from WTVR state that presiding judge Tomas Kubovec has today announced that the 3-judge panel overseeing the case in the Czech Republic is “likely” to deliver a verdict tomorrow after the trial was resumed earlier today.

Randy Blythe has been cleared of manslaughter charges

After a brief postponement last month, today more witnesses took to the stand to give their testimony in the proceedings, which have been convened to determine Blythe’s culpability regarding the death of a crowd member, Daniel Nosek, who was forcefully ejected from the stage at a Lamb Of God concert in the Czech Republic last year.

Court-appointed criminal psychologist Tereza Soukupova found that Blythe lacked control over his emotions and struggled to take responsibility for his actions that, on occasion, “cross social norms”. Soukupova did note that these characteristics “were not deep” and that Blythe is not mentally ill.

However, defence-appointed criminal psychologist Alena Gayova found that Blythe was “not overly aggressive” and showed normal results, even when Gayova tested Blythe during his time in a Prague prison. Gayova stated that Blythe displayed no permanent “socially promiscuous” behavioral patterns.

Eyewitness Anna Rozsivalova claims that while the fatally injured crowd member was attempting to pull himself onstage, Blythe lifted the 19-year-old by the shoulders and then shoved Nosek with two hands off the stage. According to Rozsivalova, the young fan then fell backwards while audience members moved out Nosek’s way to avoid being hit.

More witnesses will be heard from tomorrow before the expected verdict. If found guilty, Blythe could serve 10 years in a Czech prison.

Watch: CBS6 News Report – Randy Blythe Trial

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